Two tier stamped concrete patio border with firepit

Firepits: The Heart of Your Outdoor Sanctuary

Firepits are becoming a must-have in modern outdoor living, transforming ordinary backyards into enchanting retreats. Our meticulously crafted firepits are more than mere additions; they are transformative elements that:

  • Foster Year-Round Gatherings: Our firepits are the cornerstone of outdoor enjoyment, bringing warmth to crisp autumn evenings and a cozy ambiance to summer night gatherings.
  • Elevate Landscape Aesthetics: Not just practical, our firepits are designed to be visually stunning, acting as the focal point of your outdoor space and potentially increasing your property’s market allure.

At Coughlin Concrete, we create firepits that go beyond the ordinary, offering a blend of function, beauty, and an invitation to make the most of every moment outdoors.

Custom Firepit Design and Installation

At Coughlin Concrete, we understand that a firepit is more than a backyard feature; it’s where stories are shared and laughter echoes. We’re here to build that special spot:

  • Your Style, Realized: Whether it’s the rustic feel of a campfire or the sleek lines of modern design, your firepit will match your vision and fit your outdoor life.
  • Fits Right In: Our team ensures your new firepit looks like it’s always been part of your yard, adding to its charm and inviting gatherings.

We’re focused on creating a firepit that’s more than warmth on a cool night – it’s a place for friends and family, for s’mores and smiles, year after year.

Custom backyard firepit with stone surround
Standalone firepit in center of yard with stamped concrete surround

Creating a Complete Outdoor Living Experience

Our firepit designs at Coughlin Concrete are more than standalone features; they’re the starting points for crafting your comprehensive outdoor oasis.

  • Blending with Outdoor Features: Envision your firepit as a natural gathering spot, complementing a custom patio or accentuating a tranquil garden walkway. We design with the entire outdoor area in mind, ensuring harmony between the firepit and its surroundings.
  • Beyond Just a Firepit: Extend the concept of outdoor living with additions like pergolas for shade and outdoor kitchens for entertaining. A firepit becomes part of a larger, multifunctional outdoor space tailored to your lifestyle and enjoyment.

With Coughlin Concrete, you’re not just getting a firepit; you’re creating a focal point in a thoughtfully designed outdoor living area that brings comfort, style, and functionality to your backyard.

Firepit Gallery

What We Stand For – The Coughlin Concrete Difference

Passion for Perfection

We’re passionate about this stuff! From forming to pouring, everything we do has a motivation for perfection. It’s not just a job; it’s something we truly love to do.


It always has been, and always will be about quality. This is what sets us apart – we don’t strive for quality, we execute it in everything we do.


Through an extensive collaborative team effort, we combine perfection and concrete to give you the project of your dreams.


When we begin a project, we establish a connection with our customers. Sure, it starts with the promise of delivering a perfect project, and may only last a few days, but our work goes far beyond the actual work. It’s really about friendship and establishing that connection with each and every customer.

Firepit and Hardscaping Services in the Heart of Ohio

Coughlin Concrete proudly provides top-tier firepit installations and hardscaping across Northwest Central Ohio. From Marysville’s historic pathways to the welcoming community of Bellefontaine, our expertise also extends to the bustling streets of Plain City, Delaware, and Powell.

Whether creating a cozy backyard haven in Indian Lake or crafting a communal gathering spot in Ostrander, we are dedicated to delivering quality and precision. Our work reflects each community’s unique character and needs, ensuring a perfect complement to your outdoor living space.

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Delaware County, OH

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