Two-Tier Flagstone Stamped Concrete Patio with Fire Pit

Elevate your outdoor living with our two-tier patio featuring a flagstone stamp in contemporary slate hues and a square Unilock Sunset firepit—perfect for both relaxation and entertainment.

Patios - Stamped Concrete

Flagstone stamp, two-tier patio in slate color. Unilock Sunset firepit kit, square.

Location: Marysville, Ohio

Project Overview

This case study highlights a stunning two-tier patio transformation featuring a flagstone stamp in slate color that blends the timeless beauty of natural stone with the durability and low maintenance of concrete.

Designed to create a spacious outdoor retreat, this patio provides a versatile area for relaxation and entertainment. At the heart of the lower tier is a Unilock Sunset firepit kit, whose square design offers a modern twist on traditional outdoor fireplaces.

Client’s Vision

Looking to elevate their outdoor living experience, the homeowners desired a functional yet elegant space that would complement their lifestyle. They sought an area that could host everything from serene morning yoga sessions to vibrant evening get-togethers.

The addition of a two-tier design allowed for a clear distinction between dining and lounging areas, while the flagstone stamp introduced an element of rustic charm.

Challenges and Solutions

The challenge was to create a cohesive space that could accommodate various activities while ensuring a natural flow between the home and the garden.

The solution was to construct a two-tier patio that delineates activity zones without disrupting the open feel of the landscape. Using a flagstone stamp in slate for both tiers unified the space aesthetically, while the strategic positioning of the square Unilock Sunset firepit served as a focal point and a warm gathering spot.


The completion of this patio project successfully delivered a multifunctional outdoor living space that’s as inviting as it is practical.

The flagstone stamp brought the rustic elegance of natural stone, while the two-tier design provided ample room for both entertainment and relaxation. The square firepit, with its clean lines and robust construction, not only became the centerpiece for social gatherings but also a standout feature that enhances the evening ambiance.

This outdoor transformation has not only added value to the property but has also extended the homeowners’ living space into the great outdoors.

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